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At Philspace, we’re passionate about every possible application a shipping container could have. From garden installations to interesting architecture and even playgrounds, we think the uses of shipping containers are boundless.

In our previous blog about how to use shipping containers on construction sites, we touched on using containers to provide emergency first aid in sometimes dangerous workplaces. That got us thinking about the other innovative ways that shipping containers can be used for first aid rooms on construction sites.

Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Guidelines

Firstly, it’s essential to establish why first aid and medical support are necessary for the workplace. The HSE dictates that employers must provide adequate and appropriate equipment and facilities to ensure their staff can receive immediate attention if injured or taken ill at work.

This regulation applies to all workplaces, including those businesses with fewer than five employees as well as the self-employed. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in the HSE prosecuting employers in cases where they believe there is a significant risk or a general disregard or consistent poor adherence to these responsibilities.

This means that employers have to take responsibility for providing first aid and basic medical support to all their staff. This can be problematic in more high-risk workplaces, such as construction sites.

A first aider carries out first aid on a construction site

Construction Site First Aid and Medical Needs

As we mentioned, construction sites can often pose a high-risk environment for employees. HSE assigns increased health risks on construction sites for a number of different reasons:


Unlike most workplaces, construction work takes place in numerous and varied environments, including outdoor work, working at altitude and even underground workplaces. These environments bring several hazards such as slips and trips, falling objects and increased risk of disease from wet and cold weather exposure

Nature of the Work

Construction sites often require employees to carry out high levels of physical exercise while at work, which can result in an increased risk of injuries in the workplace and can also contribute towards long-term health conditions.

Risk Appreciation

In general, the awareness of health risks and necessary protocols is low on construction sites. This can result in employers and employees failing to take the steps needed to avoid illness and injury.

Employment Structure

With many workers being self-employed, working for small companies or working away from home for extended periods, it can be harder for them to access health support services through GPs, hospitals or occupational health professionals.

How to Utilise a Shipping Container First Aid Room on a Construction Site

Using a shipping container first aid room can provide a mobile and quick-to-set-up solution to many problems raised by construction site health and safety risks. Whether you need a large area to accommodate examination benches and medical testing areas or a smaller space to house a first aid cabinet, a shipping container’s size can be carefully selected to scale with workforces of any number. This adaptability means they are the perfect base for on-site first aiders but also practical for visiting health professionals.

Most containers are available with full plumbing, giving first aiders vital access to fresh hot and cold water. They can also be outfitted with full electrical support and high-wattage lighting, essential to providing first aid and medical care. Furthermore, secure doors and a solid build quality keep expensive and, occasionally, dangerous medical supplies safe from theft or misuse.

Similarly, a shipping container first aid room would benefit from temperature regulation through air conditioning, insulation and internal heating. Temperature regulation is an HSE guideline for first aid facilities, as it ensures thermal comfort while maintaining the safety and effectiveness of medical and first aid supplies.

A Philspace shipping container with a site office and first aid room

How can we help?

At Philspace, we offer various container solutions for a variety of needs, including the perfect containers to put together your own shipping container first aid room. Our family-run business has over four decades of experience and runs a fleet of 1,700 in-house units with industry-trained drivers able to deliver containers to meet your needs.

With fully insulated, condensation and vandal-proof units, as well as the option to add independent water supplies, plumbing, electrics and chemical toilets, our containers are the perfect choice for those looking to solve their first aid and medical problems.

For more information on what we offer, take a look at our products or to find out about our bespoke containers, feel free to get in touch.

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