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From our past blog posts, it’s clear to see that when it comes to shipping container uses, there are practically no limits!

With the new school year beginning, turning shipping containers into playgrounds can be a great and cost-effective way to add to a play area due to their robust structure and customisable nature. If you’re looking for a structure for the school playground that will last, shipping containers could be the solution you have been looking for.

Keep reading to see our top examples of ways to repurpose a shipping container into a playground facility.

Playground treehouse

A shipping container tree house structure

Image credit: Pinterest

A shipping container tree house structure may seem difficult to build, but they are surprisingly simple and serve as an excellent foundation for an outside play space.

Due to their portable and sturdy structure, they serve as a great way to give children safe spaces to play. They’re also quick to install, and even stackable!

This example shows how easy they are to integrate outdoor spaces, even the trees and surrounding nature. This one makes use of a nearby tree to give the look of a cosy treehouse and make it highly structurally sound, providing a harmonious and cost-effective perfect space for outdoor play.

Urban Playground

An a playground, perfect for slightly older children

Image credit: InDesignLive

This Australian urban structure gives the containers a more edgy feel to a playground, perfect for slightly older children.

This container style makes a great addition to any school or recreational space, as it uses the rustic material of the containers and has multi-levels. It is perfect for playing because it has plenty of outdoor space on the rooftop and inside the containers. Like most containers on this list, it integrates perfectly with its outdoor space and shows how customisable shipping containers can be.

Container park

A shipping container park

Image credit: Urban Gardens

This Las Vegas outdoor space gives a whole new definition of turning shipping containers into playgrounds. Aptly named ‘container park’, this park consists of entire structures of all different sizes and uses, made entirely out of shipping containers, to provide recreational outdoor play space to children, as well as adults.

Complete with an outdoor 40-foot tall container playground area, viewing platforms, restaurants and hotel spaces, this park shows a spectacle of the versatility and adaptability of shipping containers. They really can be used for everything!

Mini playground

A curved slide sticks out of a shipping container playground space

Image credit: Dreamstime

This structure, built in the heart of a German city, shows a smaller and easier-to-install example of a shipping container playground.

If you have a small area that cannot fit in large structures, having a one-unit playground is a simple and effective way of having a play area that can fit into any location. Built on one floor and complete with a slide and extra indoor tunnels on the roof, this provides a quaint and fun play space that any child would love to explore.

Indoor playground

A children's indoor playground made from shipping containers

Image credit: Sungsineo on Tumblr

The final one of our fun ways to turn shipping containers into playgrounds is more suited to younger children in their early school years.

With containers stacked for multilevel exploration, this structure makes our list by offering a unique indoor play area with lots of hidden sections and different play features on each level. There are also many windows for natural light in this structure, and it houses a ball pit and a soft play for preschool and toddler aged children to use.

Need a shipping container for your next project?

And that’s our list of ways to turn shipping containers into playgrounds. If you are looking for more innovative ways to use a shipping container, we also have a post on school building container ideas, and many more ideas.

If you are interested in purchasing or hiring one of our containers for alternative use, take a look at our bespoke units, or get in touch with us today!


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