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Garden transformation

Shipping containers have many uses, but did you know you could use them to transform your garden? We offer some suggestions in this post.

We have discussed the various ways in which you can use shipping containers, and some of the uses were quite innovative! However, did you know you could use shipping containers to transform your garden?

That’s right. These containers provide a quick framework for a structure that will transform your outdoor space. They may not even require planning permission (although we do strongly recommend you check for your area!)

Shipping container used to make a garden room

Here are some of our suggestions for some innovative ways to use shipping containers to transform your garden!

Garden Shed

If you have a garden, you must need a garden shed as well. Where else will you keep your gardening tools, lawnmower, and outdoor furniture?

The problem is, wooden sheds need to be maintained or they start getting leaky roofs and rotting panels.

On the other hand, a small shipping container converted into a shed can last you many years with very little upkeep! Just keep it painted, so it doesn’t look rundown.

These sturdy units will also help keep your possessions secure as they are much harder to break into, especially once you’ve locked them!


A greenhouse with tropical plantsWith the short British summers, growing tomatoes and other warm-weather vegetables can be difficult without a greenhouse. However, with a shipping container, you can get a lot more space for the same footprint, especially if you are growing vertically.

To get enough sunlight, you would need to replace the top of the container with a glass roof. You can even replace one or more sides with glass, or install large glass windows.

Since these containers are weather-proof, you will get a structure that will last you many years with minimal care.

Garden Room

A cosy garden room made from a shipping containerIf you have a large garden that you’re proud of, it must seem like a shame not to be able to enjoy it in the winter months or when it’s raining. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an area which allowed you to enjoy your outdoor space without being exposed to the elements?

A garden room is such a good investment for this purpose. You can use it to entertain, to get some private time or simply to sit in and watch the rain wash the leaves on your plants.

Suppose you convert a shipping container into a garden room. In that case, you can get a low-cost space that will require just a small amount of work to turn it into a warm and comfortable space for you and your family.

Depending on how you want it, it could have glass walls and large windows for natural lighting, or even wooden cladding to make it look like a log cabin. For that extra touch to make it blend in, you could have creepers covering it, making it a part of its natural environment.

How it looks ultimately depends on your preference!

Home Office

A shipping container converted into an office As you know, COVID-19 has compelled several businesses to switch to remote working, which means more people than ever are working from home. However, it’s essential to have a dedicated working space that is separate from your living space. Otherwise, it becomes challenging to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

That’s why, if you have enough space in your garden, it can be a great idea to invest in a separate office space away from home. What’s more, a shipping container is more or less a ready room that needs a few tweaks to make it perfect.

(We even offered a few tips on how to build with shipping containers!)

This little office room will give you the privacy you need while working as well as keeping your work life separate from your home life. When you’re not using it as a workspace, it can even become an instant classroom for home-schooling your kids!

As you can see, using shipping containers to transform your garden only requires a little bit of imagination. If you’re looking for something you could use in your home, we offer shipping containers in different sizes. Get in touch with us, and we’ll help you get the right one for your new garden structure!

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