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Construction site security isn’t just a case of compliance or box-ticking. For any building project to run smoothly, a well-secured site is vital. It reduces potential risks and fosters an environment that’s conducive to productivity and safety.

A key player in enhancing construction site security is the use of secure storage containers. These units provide a safe and reliable solution for storing valuable assets. They offer protection against theft, vandalism, and harsh weather. By ensuring equipment and materials are securely stored when not in use, they’re instrumental in maintaining schedules and budgets.

Here, we’ll look into the importance of construction site security and explain the benefits of secure storage containers in this context.

What Are the Benefits of Secure Storage Containers?

Theft Prevention

This is the risk at the forefront of the minds of most contractors, construction companies and sole traders. Unfortunately, this worry is well-placed, with over half (55%) of construction workers experiencing theft of their items from a building site. The nature of the job means that 83% of tradespeople have no choice but to leave equipment, materials and tools on-site overnight.

By using storage containers for construction site security, tradespeople can relax knowing that their belongings are protected. This can result in savings as it reduces the necessity for the replacement of equipment and materials, as well as increased premiums resulting from insurance claims.

Protection from Vandalism

Vandalism is another issue that construction workers encounter regularly. A review by Stonewall Security found that a staggering 91% of construction companies surveyed said they had experienced vandalism, demonstrating the breadth of this issue.

The review suggested using robust locks, high-quality fences, and ensuring that tools, materials and personal belongings are securely stored are effective ways to offset this risk. Robust, secure containers are a great example of how to achieve this.

Weather Resistance

Anyone who’s worked in the construction industry knows that weather can make or break a project. Not only can it impact your staff’s morale, but it can have a massive impact on equipment and materials. Extreme temperatures can cause machinery to malfunction, costing time and money, while excess rain can affect the integrity of materials like timber.

However, regardless of whether it’s scorching heat, heavy rain or freezing cold, secure storage containers are built to resist all types of weather conditions. This can result in cost savings and faster project completion.

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Different Types of Secure Storage Containers Offered by Philspace

To truly appreciate the benefits of secure storage containers, it’s essential to explore the variety of options available. At Philspace, we offer a diverse range of secure storage containers, each designed with unique features and applications to meet the specific needs of different situations.

Single Door Containers

Equipped with a Euro-cylinder 10-point locking system, anti-jemmy bolts and stainless-steel threshold, these containers offer a high level of security. You can also opt for additional shelving installation, demonstrating their flexibility. Available in sizes of 10’ x 8’ and 20’ x 8’, these containers cater to various space requirements.

Tool Vaults

For those needing to safeguard tools and smaller equipment, Tool Vaults are an excellent choice. These containers feature external and internal anti-jemmy systems, gas struts, and 5-lever deadlocks. The durability of the Chubb-style keys adds an extra layer of protection. These vaults come in various sizes and can be bolted in place for enhanced security, making them a versatile option for construction sites and workshops.

50/50 Anti Vandal Units

These combine storage and welfare facilities into a single unit, making them ideal for space-saving on construction sites. They combine a 5-lever mortice deadlock, invisible hinges, and thick welded steel construction to ensure maximum security. Plus, they can be customised and stacked with anti-vandal features, demonstrating supreme adaptability.

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Bespoke Units

Lastly, we also offer Bespoke Units, customised storage container units designed according to specific requirements. Whether you need long-term material, tools, equipment or document storage, these units can be tailored to suit your needs. Options include open-side containers, refrigeration containers, high-cube containers, and hazardous storage containers. These bespoke units exemplify our commitment to meeting the needs of each project.

What Sets Philspace’s Secure Containers Apart?

Each container type is designed with a specific purpose in mind without sacrificing flexibility and adaptability. This ensures that we’ve got a solution for every security need.

Furthermore, Philspace’s secure storage containers offer a balance of functionality and security. Their advanced locking systems, anti-jemmy bolts and systems, and durable construction make them a reliable choice for securing valuable assets.

Don’t Compromise When It Comes to Security

Explore the different types of secure storage containers we offer to find the perfect fit for your project. With our diverse range of high-quality, customisable containers, we can offer solutions tailored to your project.

Visit our product page now to discover more about each container type, its features and potential uses. If you’ve got any queries or need advice on choosing the right container, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re more than happy to assist you in maximising your construction site security.

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