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Efficient Use of Storage Units

Use your storage unit efficiently, and you will be able to store more and retrieve your stuff easily. Here are our recommendations on how to maximise the space in your storage unit.

A storage unit can be a great way to keep your less-used possessions safe without taking up space inside your home. A 20’ container storage can hold as much stuff as a small garage, but inefficient packing and storing might make it seem like not enough space.

You can, of course, rent more than one, but if you want to be thrifty, you need to ensure that every inch in your storage container unit is being utilised optimally.

So how do you maximise the space you have in your storage unit?

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Plan your layout

It might seem easier to just put things in your storage unit, without any thought or planning. However, you will save a lot of space (and time!) if you plan where you should place each item.

This way, you don’t have to worry about forgetting where you placed the contents of your storage unit… and trust us, you may think you will remember where everything is, but you won’t!

Having a storage plan will not only help you maximise the space in your storage unit, but it will also help you retrieve the items easily when you need them.

Pack systematically

As with storing things in your container storage unit, it is a good idea to be systematic with your packing. Maybe keep all your kitchen items in one box and books in one. This way, you know which box you’ll find your frying pans and kitchen knives in when you need them!

Keep the most-used items in front

How will you be able to retrieve the items easily? By storing the most used items in front and the ones you won’t need very often at the back.

Having a storage plan will mean you will have to think about the usage of your items, allowing you to plan how they should be placed. This means that you can store the heavy, but not regularly used, possessions against the walls of the storage unit and leaving the front free for the objects you will need more often.

As a result, not only will you make more efficient use of the space available in your container storage unit but you’ll also save time when it comes to retrieving your items.

Utilise vertical spaces

We often disregard any space above our eye level, but the thing to remember with maximising the space in your storage unit is that you also have vertical space available. If you’re planning to store frequently used items so that they can be retrieved easily, you may want to stack them at the top of the less frequently used ones.

Are you reluctant to stack in case things get damaged? Don’t forget, you can use shelves to hold items above ground level!

Disassemble furniture

It might seem like extra work, but if you can take apart any furniture you are storing in your storage unit, it will help you use the storage space more efficiently.

Once disassembled, furniture can be stacked and stored without taking as much space.

Use drawers

However, if you aren’t planning to take apart furniture items like wardrobes and chests of drawers, use the storage space you get inside them as well. This way, even if the item is taking up a lot of floor space in your storage unit, you are still maximising the storage space available to you.

Of course, in order to find the things when you need them, it is a good idea to label your drawers with what they contain.

Label everything

In fact, it is good practice to label everything. Like we said earlier, you may remember where everything is now, but trust us, you won’t a couple of months later. If you packed everything systematically and planned your storage space, having labels on your boxes will make it that much easier to find your things when you need them without having to waste precious time going through multiple boxes.

Because, as you know, when you’re looking for items, you will always find them in the last box you check!


These were some of our tips on how to maximise the space in your storage unit. Do you have any secret tips of your own, or are you looking for self-storage units  for your possessions? Get in touch with us.

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