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A Challenging Delivery onto Slipway into Langstone Harbour

Back in 2018 Philspace received an enquiry from a customer who required a welfare unit and site office to be stacked at a site in a waterfront location at Hayling Island where a new residential property was being built.

Due to the tricky position at which the units were to be delivered, another supplier had declined the job.  But Philspace saw the job as a challenge! We worked with our client to overcome and resolve the issues that we faced due to the complicated site position.

Both units were to be located on the slipway into Langstone Harbour and to safely install the units, a level steel framework was built on the angled slipway for them to be placed directly onto.

The delivery was successful and the units stayed in their seaside location for 18 months.  Here’s what our customer had to say:

“The installation of the welfare unit and site office at Hayling Island was not straightforward. We settled with Philspace over other companies because they were so much more accommodating with the type of units we were looking for and with the installation and removal. It was also really helpful to be able to go to site and look at the units before they were delivered”.

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