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When a Container Goes Indoors!

Our storage containers are the perfect solution for keeping your valuables secure, but did you know that they aren’t always placed outdoors?

Business premises often require a secure space for tools and machinery so an indoor store can give extra peace of mind.

When a customer purchased an 8’ container from us to be placed inside a Hampshire business unit, we quickly realised how tricky it would be to get into position!  With a very small gap between the ground and the mezzanine floor above, our skilled driver was able to use ‘skates’ to wheel the container into its new home.

Container skates are used by lowering the container from the lorry and attaching the skates to the corner fixings. Providing the ground is firm, smooth, and flat and with no holes, the unit can then be wheeled into position. The container is then jacked up, skates removed, and the container is slowly lowered onto the ground.

If you require a container but think your space is too small, give our Team a call to see how we can help!

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