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Construction Site Hygiene

Whilst most businesses are closed due to Covid-19, construction projects are still allowed to go on. To prevent infection spreading, we need ways to have better hygiene on construction sites. In fact, it’s something we should focus on at all times, not just during a pandemic.

The importance of hygiene on construction sites is a subject of discussion during the medical crisis we are currently facing. Even though most businesses are either shut due to the Coronavirus lockdown, or employees are working from home, most construction sites continue to remain active as, since it’s in the open air, the risk of infection is low.

However, even though that may be the case, proper hygiene and social distancing need to be maintained. In fact, construction site hygiene is important at all times, and not just when a pandemic strikes.

Stacked construction site welfare facilities with a branded Philspace truck parked next to it

Why We Need Construction Site Hygiene

Construction site hygiene is essential to ensure the health and well-being of the workers. While it does include cleanliness, there are other equally important aspects that go into maintaining a healthy construction site. We discussed the essential welfare requirements for a construction site and how welfare units can help fulfil most of them earlier.

As you can see, construction site welfare facilities include the provision of sanitary and washing facilities, drinking water, areas to change clothes, and rest.

However, construction site hygiene also includes housekeeping. This means cleaning the site every day, ensuring the walking surfaces are level and without any dangerous obstacles, and any scrap or potentially injurious material is stored safely and out of the way.

By providing these basic amenities, you can ensure worker well-being in more ways than one. Here’s how.

Employee Happiness

Even though welfare facilities might not seem like much, having these on the site can make a big difference to worker morale. Whilst these are legally required, by investing in ways to have better hygiene on your construction site, you tell your workers that you are invested in their welfare.

As a result, they are more satisfied with their job and less likely to leave. This not only helps reduce your company’s turnover but also improves the quality of work.

Company Reputation

Healthy and satisfied employees are more likely to talk about work in good terms. This can add to your company’s reputation, presenting it as a good place to work. Moreover, having proper hygiene on your construction site also helps in the way your company appears to any visitors on the site. A clean, well-maintained site with all the welfare needs met can help your reputation with potential clients and contractors.

Healthier Employees

Since food and water are essential for good health, having clean drinking water available at all times along with a space to sit down and eat means your workers are able to meet their bodies’ nutritional requirements in a stress-free environment.

Having a space to sit down and relax between tasks also helps them recover from the strain of the work and unwind. This can be a huge help in ensuring optimal mental health for construction site employees.

Reduce Accidents

In addition to helping workers avoid infection, maintaining proper hygiene on the construction site means there are fewer accidents and injuries there. As a result, your workers don’t have to take days off to recover from injuries.

Prevent Spread of Disease

As we have seen with Covid-19, something as basic as washing hands can help stop the spread of infection. Providing such a space for your workers, by means of welfare facilities, can help keep them healthy and disease-free.

Additionally, construction site hygiene also helps keep your employees mentally and physically stress-free. Since stress can affect immunity, this also helps them keep infection at bay.

At Philspace, we are working hard to ensure that the NHS and the Ministry of Defence have the resources they need to wage the war against Coronavirus. We are happy to also provide construction sites with the tools they need for a healthy and safe work environment.

Our range of products includes welfare units, which give your workers a seating space with an attached toilet area, portable shower and toilet units, secure offices, tool vaults, and much more.

To find out more about how our products can help make your construction site healthier, get in touch with us.

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