The benefits of hiring a Groundhog Welfare Unit

Anti-Vandal Offices

A Groundhog Unit may be the perfect solution to your on-site needs.

It is light, easy to transport, quick to position on-site by one person, spacious, secure and cost effective.

Its benefits include:

  •  These towable welfare units are easy to tow because they are light and manoeuvrable.
  •  All of our Groundhog Welfare Units can be operated by just one person because they are easy to hitch to a towing vehicle and unhitch at the other end. Our units use hydraulics to lower them to the ground and raise them up for re-attaching to the tow bar.
  • Our units are secure with high security windows, shutters, double locks and made from vandal resistant steel.
  • It is not only security that is important, our mobile welfare units are spacious and can seat up to six people.
  • They are fully HSE compliant.
  • Our Groundhog Units include: toilet, washroom, kitchen and seating area.
  • Groundhog Fusion and Groundhog Fusion+ offer cost savings from a reduction in generator use and servicing.

To speak to someone at Philspace about the Groundhog Mobile Welfare Units for hire, please call us on: 02380 223333 or email us at: and we will be happy to provide you with additional information, details and costs.

Single glazed, aluminium framed double sliding with steel shutters which fasten from inside for ease of operation when double stacked.

Steel, outward opening door complete with full length anti-jemmy strip secured by a five-lever deadlock for maximum security

Our Anti Vandal units are designed to double stack with either another AV unit or with a Secure Store underneath making it an ideal solution for sites where space is at a premium.

Philspace’s fleet of Anti Vandal units are available in the following sizes. All the layouts, specifications and standards vary and are made up mostly of offices, canteens and drying rooms. We can usually find something to suit your requirements. Below are examples of standard layouts.

Mess facilities include a sink and water heater, unit will need to be connected to a mains water supply.

12’ x 8’
16’ x 8
21’ x 8’
24’ x 9’
32’ x 10’