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Construction Site Security

Construction sites can be an easy target for thieves because of the number of people moving in and out, and tools and equipment not always under guard. Learn how you can protect your tools and equipment at your construction site.

As a contractor, it is very important to ensure that you protect your tools and equipment at your construction site. According to this report, the construction industry suffers a loss of over £400 million a year because of theft and vandalism.

What’s more, this number is based on the number of crimes that are actually reported.

As you can see, the impact of stolen tools can be quite high, and devastating. Resultantly, it might be worth investing in ways to minimise theft of construction equipment.

A CCTV camera in the top left corner of the image in the foreground, with a blurred construction equipment in the background

Common Causes of Theft


Easy Access

If your construction site has easy access to equipment, whether it is through open cabs, sheds, or unlocked containers, it is that much easier for a thief to walk out with your tools.

Lax Key Security

If you have multiple pieces of equipment that share the same key, a single key gives the thief access to a range of machinery. Moreover, even if you have separate keys but they are stored in obvious locations, you run the risk of having equipment stolen from your construction site.

Unsecured Construction Site

If your worksite is easy to access at all times, thieves are simply going to walk in.

Ways to Protect Construction Equipment


Light the Site

Darkness can be a thief’s friend, as it allows them to get in and out unnoticed. If you keep your worksite well-lit even when it’s closed, it can act as a deterrent to potential robbers. Many construction site theft incidents can be motivated by temptation – the thief sees an opportunity and takes it.

By lighting up your worksite, you make it impractical for them to simply walk in and out with your equipment.

Alarms and Security Cameras

In the same vein, it can be a good idea to use security cameras to protect your construction site from thieves. Even fake CCTV cameras with warning signs can make potential thieves think twice before trying to enter your construction site.

For a cheaper option, having motion sensors that trigger alarms or turn on lights can scare off intruders.

Physical Barriers

While temporary site fencing is a legal requirement for construction sites, you can also opt for more permanent barriers. Strong walls and fences over 8 ft high make it difficult for intruders to enter your construction site.

Access Control

You can also limit the number of access points to the site, so people can’t just walk in unchecked and walk out with tools. If you’re happy to use technology to protect your tools and equipment at the construction site, geofencing is also an option. This can be used to track people on the site.

Additionally, geofencing can be used to prevent someone from driving off with construction vehicles. Equipment can have GPS systems installed that allow you to see where they are. They can also be shut down if they go past the designated working area.

Background Checks

While thieves coming into your construction site are a possibility, the theft can often be an inside job. While you may be sure that your workers are honest, it is best to be sure by conducting background checks whenever you hire someone new.

Jobsite Protection

Instead of leaving tools and equipment lying around in unlocked sheds or containers, invest in sturdy on-site storage. These can be locked and secured so the tools contained within are not easily accessible and prove to be too much effort for would-be thieves.


Keep a record of the serial numbers of all your valuable equipment, and if possible, ensure they are listed on a police-approved national tool register. This way, if they are lost or stolen, they can be easier to recover.

Schedule Deliveries

By trickling in material and scheduling deliveries, you can ensure that your site does not have material, stock, or tools that are not strictly needed. This reduces the amount of goods available on the site to tempt thieves.

If you are interested in securing your construction site against theft, we offer a range of secure storage containers, including tool vaults, 50/50 stores, and temporary site fencing to secure your construction site. If you need to protect your tools and equipment at your construction site, get in touch with us.

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