Bespoke Unit

Bespoke Unit

Ideal for furniture or paper storage for long periods providing extra protection against the possibility of condensation. Brand new containers that have done one trip overseas are fitted with a 25mm ply insulation kit to the walls and ceiling, finished with a white laminate covering to give an office like appearance to the inside of the container.

Container Information 

Open side containers

Fully opening side and standard gable end. The doors open and fold right back to allow pallets to be installed using a fork lift. Available new or used subject to availability at the time of inquiry. The doors to the new units come with a factory fitted lockbox.

High cube containers

9’6” in height, compared to 8’62 on a standard container. Lowest to highest point.

Refrigeration container

Also known as ‘Reefer’ containers, ideal for restaurants or events. Comes with 3 phase electrics, de humidify, temperature control range from -20 to +20 degrees, thermostat control and alarms to keep the temperature constant. Specification subject to availability.

Hazardous Storage

Chemical, hazardous and oil stores designed in cooperation with local authority Trading Standards Department can include:

  • Chemical resistant paint
  • Non slip steel floor with 150mm bund
  • Drain plug
  • Explosion hatch
  • 3 tier shelving
  • Louvers
  • Sand box
  • Safety signage
  • Raised flow forge floor
  • Zone 1,2 or 3 electricsThese units can be built bespoke to your own specification in a variety of sizes.

Optional Extras

Electrical installations, venting, shelving, heating, partitions, fitment of personnel doors, jacklegs and fold away ramped access. Please contact us for more information.