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Feelin’ hot hot hot!

As we write this, it’s 28 degrees outside and the mercury is set to climb even higher. So, we thought it was about time we explored a use of shipping containers that might help everyone cool off!

Read on to see some of the most stylish and appealing shipping container swimming pools around, and get an idea of how you might use one of your own.

First, however, it’s important to ask…

Why go for a shipping container pool?

Private outdoor swimming pool installations in the UK are few and far between – and generally, that’s with good reason. Not only is UK weather often not ideal for an outdoor pool, but building one is an expensive commitment for something you can’t take with you if you decide to move home.

Converting a shipping container into a swimming pool can solve both of those issues.

Because shipping container pools can be either embedded in the ground or free-standing, they’re easy to place anywhere in a garden setting that has enough room. However, setting up an indoor pool is also relatively straightforward, provided that you have an inside space large enough to house the container conversion – which typically ranges from 20 to 40 feet in length.

A converted shipping container swimming pool on a white background

Of course, if you do have an indoor space that large, you might ask: why wouldn’t you just fit a standard pool?

First, there’s the price factor. A converted container pool is likely to cost less than a fully fitted tiled one, while still not giving up much by comparison in the way of size or style. Depth can also be a good reason to go for the pre-built option, with the 2.59m height of your typical container potentially deeper than most standard pool installations.

However, possibly the deciding consideration for anyone worried about return on investment is that a shipping container pool is transportable; you can take it with you if you move house.

You also don’t need to worry too much about the space you’re taking it to, since shipping container swimming pools are incredibly versatile – as you’ll see below!

Five of our favourite shipping pool container conversions

Container pool on a hill

A converted shipping container built on a hill

Image credit: Shipping Container Pools

You might think a shipping container swimming pool would need a flat surface to rest on. This installation proves otherwise!

Designed and built by Queensland-based Aussie outfit Shipping Container Pools, this 40ft container pool conversion is built out from the side of a hill, supported by solid steel struts set in concrete within the grassy verge below.

Sunken ground container pool

A sunken ground container pool

Image credit: Homesweethomehunter on Instagram

Of course, if you have enough room in your garden, using a shipping container more like a traditional pool could be another great option.

This single-lane sunken shipping container swimming pool is fantastic for fitness and even deep enough to allow for underwater turns. Lined with stonework, it’s stylish enough to pass for a traditional pool – but the dimensions give it away as a converted container. And what a conversion it is!

Large triple container pool

A square shipping container pool conversion built from three 20ft containers

Image credit: Good Home Design

If a longer single-lane pool won’t do, how about one that combines three 20ft containers into one structure?

Found at Good Home Design, this square-shaped shipping container swimming pool even has a window so you can see into the water, giving it a kind of aquarium vibe. The owners have opted to rest it on a tiled base and add stairs to a platform, giving swimmers somewhere to relax and dry off before heading back indoors for a post-swim snack.

Raised container pool balcony

A raised shipping container balcony pool on stilts surrounded by trees

Image credit: Shipping Container Pools Instagram

The two options above are ideal if you have a big backyard – but what if you live in an upstairs apartment?

The answer is converting a shipping container into a swimming pool and effectively putting it on stilts!

Another installation from the prolific Shipping Container Pools, this approach is inspired by the hill-based one we mentioned earlier but differs in two marked ways. First, it’s supported entirely by the steel feet; and second, the container itself is a shorter 20ft variant. As a result, this pool has more of a walk-in jacuzzi feel to it – which we have to say, complements the sunny tree-lined surroundings perfectly.

Integrated decking pool with jacuzzi divider option

A converted shipping container pool with viewing port built into a garden patio in glorious sunshine

Image credits: Modpools via Dezeen

Our final pool may look a little low-key at first compared to some of those above, but we love it for its classy sense of style and sheer versatility.

Firstly, we love how this converted shipping container swimming pool from Canadian company Modpools sits snugly in the space at the foot of the patio. However, something we love even more is that it comes with a divider option, allowing the owner to turn one half of it into a steamy jacuzzi – the perfect way to relax outdoors during those cold Canadian winters!

Shipping container swimming pools: should you get one?

So that’s our look at pool trends. Is a shipping container pool right for you?

If you are considering investing in one and need a shipping unit to bring the idea to life, we can help.

Take a look at the different specifications we offer and contact us to get on our waiting list so you can grab one as soon as it becomes available.


Cover image credit: My Positive Outlooks

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