Solo 6

Solo 6

This single axle Solo 6 Unit is a lightweight and compact towable unit that meets HSE requirements and provides all your onsite needs in one small package.

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Solo 6 Fusion and Fusion+

The single axle Solo 6 Fusion range is surprisingly spacious and well equipped, meets HSE requirements, and provides all your on-site needs in one small package.

Comfortably seats up to 6 people



● Dimensions: 3655mm (L) x 2284mm (W)
● Net Weight: 1660 Kgs (approx)
● Gross Weight: 1800 Kg

The Solo 6 Fusion+ will offer further cost savings as the hot water is supplied by an on board system and will not require the generator to run. Therefore the generator will only be required for microwave and kettle. Additional savings will be found in winter especially if used overnight by security personnel who can utilize the unit with heating and lighting without running the generator.

F360 Fusion

The Solo 6 Fusion offers the legendary robust build and ease of use of the standard Solo 6, whilst offering a green environmental solution. Giving owners and end users savings by way of reduced fuel usage, 60% reduction in generator servicing, longer generator life, fewer breakdowns and massively reduced noise pollution.

Fusion range, C rated – 73
Energy Performance Asset Rated

The Fusion has been Energy Performance Asset Rated which indicates the energy efficiency of the building fabric, heating, cooling and lighting systems ventilation, making it an exceptionally Eco friendly.

Value Proposition

Potential yearly savings for the
Fusion range
(based on units running 8 hour day and 5 day week)

✔ Minimum fuel savings of up to £2,000

✔ CO2 emissions saving of over 17,335 KGs

✔ Generator service cost saving of £1,750

✔ Potential breakdown costs saving of £1,200

✔  Low noise pollution


Canteen/Seating Area

Canteen/Seating Area seating area one

Extremely well equipped and seats up to six people.

The Fusion & Fusion+ heating control and Battery indicator are both operated from the central controls inside the canteen (right)

Fusion control panel

  • 1 x High Capacity Battery
  • Battery charger Centaur 12 Volt 30amp
  • 12 Volt L.E.D. Light c/w P.I.R. Sensor
  • 1 x Battery guard
  • Webasto Airtop System (Fusion)
  • Webasto Thermotop System (Fusion +)
  • Generator Auto-timed control which will be factory set at 2 hours

Generator/Drying Room 

  • 12 Volt L.E.D. Lighting
  • Webasto Heating system
  • Coat hooks
  • Ventilation panel
  • 6 KVA Super Silent Diesel
  • Generator with exhaust venting through roof
  • 48 Litre Diesel tank with filler neck and level gauge

Toilet Area

  • Flush Ceramic 12 Volt Toilet System (Optional)
  • Plastic Recirculating Toilet c/w ventilation pipe through roof area
  • Forearm Wash basin with warm water tap (Fusion+)
  • Toilet roll holder
  • 12 Volt L.E.D. light
  • Ventilation panel
  • Paper towel & soap dispenser
  • 12 Volt mini handwash (Fusion)